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When you work with Roofing Orlando, you will find that we provide each and every client an unparalleled experience that cannot be found with other companies in the Orlando area. Our experienced staff strive to fix all commercial and residential roofs quickly and expertly. Save yourself a world of stress and financial hurt with Roofing Orlando!

Whether you need a new roof, some general repairs and maintenance, or an inspection, you can count on Roofing Orlando to be there for you from start to finish. Check out some of the services Roofing Orlando is proud to offer!

Tile Roof Repairs

We're sure that if you have noticed a leak in your roof, that you feel you need an entire new roof. However, we are happy to inform you that in many cases, this is simply not true or necessary. Tile roofs are made to last, and Roofing Orlando specializes in repairing tile roofs. Not only can we repair any leaks you may have, but we can also prevent future leaks by providing a perfect seal. This stops the current leak, as well as prevents future leaks from occuring.

Leak Detections

If you were to ask us what we thought the number one concern was for our clients, we would easily tell you that almost everyone is worried about leaks in ther roofs. No one wants to wake up one dreadful morning to find that their precious belongings have been damaged due to a leak in their roof. Contact Roofing Orlando today, and we will gladly come to your home or place of business and search high and low for any leaks that may spring, or might have already sprung.

General Repairs and Maintenance

Due to the lovely Florida weather we all endure, we highly recommend you have your roof inspected at least once a year. Don't neglect your roof, and stay on the up and up with anything that might have damaged your roof between your last inspection and now. Trust Roofing Orlando to set your roof straight for the upcoming year, and keep the progress of your roof on file. We thoroughly inspect all three layers of your roof, including:

  • The top layer, which is the tiles, shingles, etc...
  • The underlayer, which is the moisture barrier, which protects you for major leaks...
  • And, the decking, which holds the roof in place.

Because of Florida's harsh environment, it can take as little as five years for a completely new roof to be beyond a simple repair. As such, this is why we highly recommend a yearly inspection of your roof!

Roof Replacements

Unless you have extensive damage to your roof, you most likely won't need a new roof. If your roof is damaged enough to warrant a new roof, then you can be sure that Roofing Orlando will let you know this, instead of trying to charge you for repair after unsuccessful repair. If your roof simply needs some repairs, we will let you know exactly what needs to be replaced and what your expected cost will be. Roofing Orlando is here to ensure that your roofing worries are non-existent!

New Roofs

We love when clients come to us for new roofing projects for their additions to their current properties, or even for a brand new building! It's always fun helping them decide upon the perfect shingle or tile that fits the overall design of the building, and you can count on us to professionally install your new roof quickly and securely.