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Sometimes you need more than just a repaired or new roof. Sometimes you need trustworthy professionals for other tasks as well. That is why we are happy to provide you a list of the best partners we have worked with in the past. You'll find that these other specialists have just as much professionalism and passion as we do about their preferred careers. If you know of a great professional who isn't listed below, contact us and we'll check them out!

We are always looking to partner up with unbelievable home improvement specialists in our area! Keep this page bookmarked to stay abreast of any new partners we may team up with. This page will slowly grow in size as time passes, only when we become aware of true professionals who meet our high bar of standards allowing us to feel confident in recommending them to you.

How do you find quality professionals?

First step is to ask around
Odds are you probably know someone be it family, friend, or coworker who's advice you can trust that has a go to company for whatever specialty service you are in need of. So ask around and take note of any suggestions you receive. If possible you will want to play a little defense here and pitch it as a hypothetical idea you are thinking about maybe getting a free quote for, instead of a urgent matter you absolutely need fixed. That gives you some wiggle room if you are unlucky enough to find a coworker with a brother "who can fix anything" and "really needs the money" situation. Plausible deniability is your friend here.
Next look any leads up on Google
We have reached an era of far too much information at our fingertips, sometimes it can actually be harder to find what you are looking for hidden in the noise. Take any names you get from the people you ask and search them to see what their digital identity says about them. If you weren't able to find a good recommendation you can jump right into searching for services in your area. For many businesses Google will have reviews from people right on the first page, while you can't always trust the validity of those reviews you can identify patterns to make a value judgment.
Contact any options that look promising
Simple enough, right? Take the names and numbers of those that seem to be your best options and give them a call, we suggest a phone call over an email when possible because it allows you to gather more information in your decision making process. Any company can seem professional responding with a form email. Calling gives you that human insight, do they answer the phone professionally? Are they organized? Are they friendly and polite? ect.
Ask them to come out for a free consultation
Ideally by this point you have narrowed down your list to the cream of the crop. You hopefully have at least 2, ideally 3 or 4 different companies you can call out to assess your needs and provide you with a estimate. Between the costs you receive and personally interaction hopefully you now have enough information to make your choice and soon you will have a better house than you began the process with.